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SUlu Max Gro has toxic minerals in it! Yes, I know it makes the hair grow.

                   @ sga mtg...(hair lookin a lil rough lol) 


Warning, Sulu Max gro does make the hair grow, but it has toxic ingredients.

One of the ingredients is mineral oil. Mineral oil may cause birth defects.

I hate this bad news. I’m sorry that that’s the way it is. This is where I found out:

                        First, I will began talking about Shapley’s MTG, which was

a product tried on humans, black women mainly. But it was also said

on the bottle that Shapley’s MTG is made for HORSES. But it works

on humans. Dig this though, there’s another product just as

strong as MTG that is made for humans. IT was just recently

made. I can tell from the way the people talked about it

in the message boards, it was probably made in 2006, 2007, or 2008

but I’m thinking after 2005.

                      THen I want to let you

know about MTG is a product with sulfur in it. I’ve been hearing that at first

it was made for humans and then animals. It’s a product that makes the hair


             A black woman on youtube has been using Shapley’s MTG

Jia has been using MTG fora while. She uses Shapley’s MTG,
which is a sulfur product. She shakesit up. Somebody requested her to do
a video on this hair product. She puts

the Shapley’s MTG. She says it smells

like bacon and bbq. She puts Shapley’s

MTG on the scalp each time she parts it.

Oh yes, they did use this kinda stuff

for horses. She shows a slight difference

in her hair after a week. Also, she uses

Jerry curl juice. Products like this are

a dream come true whether people already

have longer hair or medium length or short

hair. It works for her, but I don’t know

if it works for all people. Like some products

go swell for some people, but other products

may do annoying things. SOme people are ALLERGIC

to sulfur and some people may not be.

The product has sulfur. Another thing I

heard from somebody that grows hair is

sulfur 8. Again, Some products work

DIFFERENTLY for others. It depends

on the person.



             NOw I will go into the newer version of Shapley’s MTG, which is called
SUlu Max Gro. IT is a deep hair as well as scalp oil. It is made for
a high amount of growth. IT can be described as healthy and
moisturizing. I’m really glad they came out with a human
form of the hair growth product. I have not tried it
but from the message boards, the people have been
posting positively about it like it’s the ultimate
hair experience.  THey been saying how it
grows one or 2 inches within a month or
something like that.
                     But again, make sure you not allergic to sulfur. There was only
one woman or 2 who’s hair fell out from the SHapley’s MTG, but I have not
heard that about the Sulu MAx Gro, the human form of hair growth product.
THat’s because I have not read alot of reviews on the SUlu Max Gro,
but it may be worth a try. Again even if it works for most people
it may not work for all or could make people allergic. It just depends
on the person. But the majority of experiences with Shapley’s
MTG are great so that makes me want to try the new version
SUlu Max Gro.

4 thoughts on “SUlu Max Gro has toxic minerals in it! Yes, I know it makes the hair grow.

  1. hey there! i found your post doing a google search for sulu max gro. i just bought a bottle of this & was looking for reviews. yes, the mineral oil can be toxic. also, the ingredient that makes the stuff so stinky is called cade oil: it’s added to give the stuff that smoky bbq smell. truthfully, the only stuff you need is the powdery sulfur stuff at the bottom of the bottle. what i did was i let the product settle to the bottom, & poured off all of the stinky mineral & cade oil. i then added a mix of extra virgin olive ol & coconut oil. this totally removed the stank smell! just wanted to pass this tip along to you, & also to others who google reviews on this product. happy hair growing!

  2. That is so nice of you to write me an informative comment. Thanks so much for your time. Since
    all we need is the powdery sulfur stuff at the bottom, I guess the rest of it is to preserve the product.

  3. i know how you feel. I hate to hear bad things aabout a product after it sounds so good

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