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The African American Dance Ensemble -sure to Impress You!

 African Drumming at Academy

         How many types of dances are there? ( tap, jazz, ballet, etc) These people sure
do know how to move incredibly.    Dancing and Drumming, they are a bunch of
talented individuals that can’t be overlooked. There they are
Chanting  and sending out musical vibes. They are
wearing the African colors, red, black and green.
Their pants are red with the green ruffles around them.
 They used their chest to represent the black because
they are black people. They used black that way
instead of just wearing a black shirt. It looks like
a highly exciting gala (celebration). I wonder how
many calories are burned just doing these dances.
I love the rhythm, it’s upbeat like  a band. The whole
thing is so great it’s sure to capture and keep
link for you to view and enjoy:

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