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(Article has New link with the same info): My people, Black people, I’m letting you know now Fake Nails are Dangerous-They cause cancer that’s what they do!


                 I’ve never really been into fakenails. They look so hard to manage anyway.It must be hard to open up stuff with thenails. One wrong move and they probablycrack. I love my own nails. They are

pretty long and I just choose not to

wear fake nails. But fake nails look

good, they are fanciful and long.

             They draw attention but who really

suspects the dangers of fake nails?

Do you?

          I’m on a mission to let you know

that these fake nails, fake as ever

are DANGEROUS. It has been said that

fake nails have cancer causing chemicals.

I’m just learning this today.

                 Fake nails are made of acrylic

fabric and covers the natural know,

this we know. People getting these

nails are paying a high price by

the pocket and with their health.

                  Scraping a nail against

a surface can separate the nail

from where it lays. Therefore it allows

bacteria and fungus to enter this spot

and cause infection. That’s why

hospitals do not allow employees

to use fake fingernails.

                Even more serious is that

there were premature babies who died

because of acrylic nail infection in

the 1990s. Infection can also come

when the nail salon does not have

clean practices.

                    THese dang on chemicals

used to put on acrylic nails have resins

and formaldehyde (I was told formaldehyde

is in diet pop products). MMA is a poisonous

substance in nail adhesives. This chemical

can damage the lungs and nails. ANd I’m saying

people probably don’t even look at the

hands as much as they do the face. But

it seriously is not worth the risk. A

woman by the name of Alexyss Taylor

whose on youtube talks about those chinese

and Asian people who don’t mind putting that

on your hands. But they protect their

hands. That’s because they know and not

saying anything, but glad to get YOUR

money if you are their customer.

                 BUt I’m black and I’m proud

and I love my black people so I”M letting

you know whether you get these nails

or not.

              I wish there were MORE responsible

people telling my black people about

these kinda things. THat’s why people

like to do the natural way, it’s healthier.

These people who sell nails should get

sued for putting dangerous chemicals

in them. THey would NOT want this poison

on their face so they don’t need to

be putting this BULL on people’s hands.






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