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THe GREAT things about Africa they don’t show on tv but you’ll find out now!


                   We all know what themedia says about Africa, the hungry

people, the health crisis. But I would

like to spread this great knowledge

about Africa that is GREAT news.

The text and pictures let you

know that the Black African citizens

get in line to buy shares of a mutual

fund. This mutual fund has given 60%

yearly for 7 years since October 2006.

                     Our Black African people are giving

their hard earned cash to Databank.

Databank is known for investing in stock

markets in Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana,

and Kenya.

              Africa has many stock markets,

high rises, Internet cafes and a middle


                 If more investors understand that

Africa deserves investment that will

PREVENT job stagnation, poverty

and limited access to education and

health care.

                 The Ghana Stock Exchange

time and time again tops the list

of world’s highest performing stock

markets. Botswana is known for having

an A plus credit rating and does have

one of the highest per capita government

saving rates worldwide.

             Cellphones make major profits on

Africa. Coca cola, GM, Caterpillar, and

Citibank have put money into Africa for

many years.

              The good governments and fiscal

policies enable Botswana, Ghana, Uganda,

and Senegal to have a growing economy.

Even Africa’s private enterprise is

blossoming. MOgadishu has the LOWEST

cell phone rates on the continent because

there are no governments getting in the way.

5 private carriers and price wars keep

ticket prices low. The abilitiy to bounce

back and be resourceful helps Somalis

to have a functional society.

         African businesses lack infrastructure,

yet they don’t let this stop them.

Even if they don’t have electricity

they use generators. THat’s the same way

you would do if a car stopped in front of

you. You would go around them, not wait

3 hours till the person decides to move.

            So same way you’d do that our Black African

people keep deciding to make things happen

and BRAVO!

               They dig bore holes so water

can get through. Telephone lines may

not be working but the cell phones

are coming in handy. Vodacom Congo

is the biggest cellphone company in


            Alieu Conteh began his business even

while the Civil War was going on.

Rebel troops moved in on the airport in

Kinshasa so no foreign manufacturer would send

in a cell phone tower.

                   Conteh therefore, got locals to

gather scrap metal, welded it together and

built it. The tower is still in existence today.

The Black Africans have always
demonstrated their ingenious .(Cleverness)

                  Time and time again, we see that

the internet spills what needs to be known

about the creativity and brilliance of

our black people. THere are 2 worlds

of media, the ones white show and the

ones you have to dig to find. ANd this

info is way bigger ,a zillion times bigger

than a pot of gold. White media definitely

needs to stop hiding the great talents

of us black people, the more we find

out the more those secretive walls break

down. Its like you have to skin off

the LIES so you can see the BIG TRUTH.



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