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Commercial that says whites need to suntan! THe Black Africans did this commercial and did it well! (It’s a comedy)



The message of this videosis whites want suntan but the

sun BURNS them.

This is genius, whoever

composed this. This is the best comedy and

creativity in a youtube video. It’s

comedy because of what they say and

how they say it. Oh, the art of comedy.

THe message to whites is be careful

in the sun. You all should have

saw me snapping my fingers to it.

THis is my jam. I want to download

it. My people are so so so so adept

(talented). They are so skillful.

You know laughter is good for

the body, and this will make you

laugh. Hahaha. I’m probably going to

be dreaming about this. My beautiful

Black people from Africa blessed my day, my computer,

my screen. I’m filled with giggles and

laughter, see what I mean.




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