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Sabir Muhammad-African American swimmer!



    More and more we need to see

Black swimmers. The first Black swimmer

got the ball rolling. Let’s keep it going.

I know once the ball rolls it has to stop

at a certain point, but if it stops

someone needs to be there to roll

it further. Same thing with swimming.

Apply that analogy and therefore

it will be MORE black swimmers.

FOr right now, I’m just going to

inform you of a specific BLACK swimmer.

      Black swimmer, Sabir Muhammad

was often mistaken for a basketball

player because of his height. He’s 6 foot 7.

Most of the time black people in the

inner city played either basketball

or football.


           Muhammad would swim with Tommy

Jackson. There were 3 boys there who was

his age so he finished the relay. Also

he graduated college with an MBA in finance.


         Sabir completed the 1996 Olympic

Trials at the top 16. Muhammad has

founded the “Swim for Life”, a program

designed to teach inner city kids

how to swim. USA swimming , a

governing body of all club swim

teams is using his program as

an example for Make a Splash


           The more black swimmers we

see the more black people  PUT

TO SHAME those who think black people

cannot swim. Ofcourse, us black people

can swim. We know how to do everything



my ocean




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