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Black Economics, How much money did OUR BLACK people spend on necessities and leisure time in 2004?



African American households shorten spending in

many categories like food,clothing, and household items.

Our black people have put more money into home repair,

home entertainment, and consumer electronics. Our black

people are increasing their spending on things like home

repairs and remodeling, audio and visual electronics, and

books purchased online. Black households earned an

income of 679 billion dollars in 2004.

The products and services showing a large one year

increase were sound systems, computer online services,

sports and recreational equipment, dishwashers, washing

machines, and contributions to churches.

THe Buying Power of Black America is a report

consisted of 104 pages. It tells about the expenditures of

3,000 black households for the Department of Commerce’s

Consumer Expenditure Survey.

THe most money spent by our black people was

596 million dollars. The rest of “what the money is spent

on and how much” is a mystery UNLESS you go

view the chart on the website I got this information from:

Life is a constant budget unless you are rich. THis chart is our starting

point that will let us know where we need to be in our spending. This

is a portion of the Black Economics. THere should be more investment

required classes, more than just math, investment classes. THese

classes should especially be at Black Colleges. That is especially

so with all these high gas prices and high rent and high travel

and prices add on top of another. Like my mother says, many

times people are just working to pay bills. Everyone needs

their leisure time ! You feel me? Smile


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