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Black Students get an award for Schooling a councilwoman! Detroit News!

Kyla Pratt

Nine students from Courtis Elementary School received

the “Spirit of Detroit award for giving city council president

a lesson in civics and civility. Kierra Bell, a 13 year old black

teen corrected city councilwoman conyers for name calling

and screaming as she called the council president


Kierra Bell sttted this “THat’s what second graders

do.” This is her reply to councilwoman’s name calling. She

was talking about Conyers is an adult and she should

think before she speaks.

Conyers gave the students awards because

she admires their chutzpah. Kierra sure did have her

15 minutes in the spotlight. That’s terrific because

not everyone gets to be in media. For correcting

the councilwoman, Kierra Bell has gotten to be

on tv and radio. As a result of her speech,

people began going up to her to hug her.

THere were even men talking about her speech.

One guy told another to be careful and in good behavior

because media can come out of blue. Yes ,so true

media can pop up like a pop up or just sweep

up like a gust of wind. Well, I am glad to see

she made her grand impression and made it


Bell is wise for her age. Then a guy named

Sam Riddle asked Bell if she thinks Conyers

has learned her lesson? She just asked could

she get another person to answer that?

ANd her closing remark is that she knows

the people like her school and the students are

smart kids so, she hopes the school will not

be on the closing list anymore.

Fortunately, it’s an article of more than

text. IT also has video clips. The video clips will

take you there and help you get more of a feel

for this article. Just like my friend says, kids

should be rewarded for great behavior.

I agree,That’s more initiative to follow that great

path. It’s great to have attention just as well.

If other kids see other kids get rewarded

for what they do, they will often times

want to do great things. It’s just like that,

sometimes adults need some feedback

even if it’s from a kid or kids. Adults learn

from kids. Kids learn from adults. It has

its reciprocal advantages. These are the quickest

clips. A dash in and dash out.…805020355/1409/METRO


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