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Man in the article says Integration led to the decline of SOME BLACK OWNED Businesses!


Posted May 03, 2008 03:12 AM
I just got done reading a fairly

new article on Black OWNED business.

Every time my black people purchase

at black businesses they are helping

the black race. I call it investment.

The more you invest in black business

community the more you help our black

race and the more you help yourself.

The man writing the article

discusses how he had a discussion with

SC house of Representative DIST 111 REP

FLoyd. Mr. Floyd is a cadet at the

Citadel, a leader, an Army officer

who served in IRaq,fied organizer for the

state Democratic Pary, and an assistant

to Rep Jim Clyburn.

So this conversation this man

had with Rep Floyd involved the state

of Black America. Also they talked about

how to bring more resources to Dist 111.

THis led to a discussion on the disparities

in the black community.

Middleton says there are some of our Black

people who belive they should not keep

on with the quest for equal rights and

opportunities. But we really do need

to continue with that journey.

Socially there is a progress,

but money wise this process is slow.

Another person in the discussion says that

integration has caused the DOWNFALL of

economic progress in the BLACK community.

Before integration, Black businesses

grew. This is what

the guy said in the discussion.

My black people can do anything,

My black people built this world

and we can sure as ever keep

succeeding by ourselves. It does

not require an outside force. All

my black people coming together is

a FORCE in itself.

The guy in the discussion

says the perfect example of how

integration led to the decline of

some black owned businesses is the

Former dee Dex Snack Bar. Around

the 1960s and 1970s, integration

got fast food restaurants like Piggy

Park and the Patio opened. Until then,

Dee Dex Snack Bar used to be the premier

fast food restaurants for black people


The more our black race sticks

together, the more we have. The more

we stick together and help each other

the less problems. Our black people

should hold hands, come together,

think on the world’s issues and formulate

a success plan. Now that would be beautiful

the biggest African American gathering.

Power to the People!



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