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One United Bank, A Black OWNED Bank!

The Advantages of One United Bank,

the first advantage is that it’s a Black

bank. THe more BLACK OWNED banks the better.

Let the money grow in the Black community.

This bank is the first BLack owned

Internet bank. It’s the first black

owned Interstate Bank. It’s the largest

black owned bank in America. Oh yeah.

This bank, One United bank,, serves

as a 100 year old civil rights dream

of gaining spending power for our

Black community and redirecting

it to the black community. Yes,

let’s spend money in the black community

and watch it come back like a boomerang.

This bank has over $550 million assets,

Member FDIC, Equal HOusing Lender. Also,

it is the top rated economic institution

by Veribanc,aka the nation’s first bank

rating agency.

The acheivements:

IT consolidated 4 Black owned banks,

and many with histories that go way

back in time before the civil rights

movement.-Founders National Bank of

Los Angeles and Family Savings Bank

of Los Angeles, Boston Bank of Commerce,

and Peoples National Bank of Commerce

in Miami.

One United Bank increased asset size from

56 million to 550 million dollars

in less than 10 years. This bank has financed

$500 million in loans since the year 20033

with half in low to moderate income


Other facts about this excellent bank:

US Department of Treasury COmmunity

Development Financial Institution, a

2 time Black Enterprise Bank of the Year.

THis bank is a 4 time recipient of the

Community Development financial Institution’s

Bank Enterprise Award. ALso, it’s a 6 time

Federal Home Loan Bank award winning


Products and Services:

This is what the Black bank offers


With this bank we can open an FDIC insured

savings account online with a great

rate anywhere in a AMERICA.

THeir membership deposit

program has great rates. The bank

offers free online banking and VISA

debit and ATM cards allowing access

to more than 5,000 surcharge free

ATMS across America. I definitely

Love the sound of all this.

The bank offers single family and multi-family

loan programs with competitive rates

that stand by and help the development

of affordable housing, small businesses

and churches in urban communities.

9 of its branches are in California,

Florida, and Massachusetts, and it

has 130 employees.

1st Link to One United Bank :

2nd Link to ONe United Bank:



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