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Black History Quotes by me!



Black History All day, everyday, all the time.

          Black History is the true history.
          Black History is about black acheivements of the
          past, present and future. Past because it is
            already history, present will become history
            and eventually the future will come and pass.
             Black History is all the History.
             Whatever aspect of life their is, I always
             wonder how the Black Africans did it in the past.
             Black History is more than Rosa Parks and Dr.King.
             IT’s more than all the lifetimes.
            Black History for some is little said little known, but
           for me I expand on it and am always learning more.
           Black HIstory is way more than the struggle, it’s the
          acheivement. Believe it.
           Black HIstory has no limit, it overflows.
          WHen it comes to Black History, I teach myself what
         they don’t know or what they don’t want us to know.
        Black people are the first race and made mostly everything
         but treated as the last race.
        My Black people, learn our history, know our history
         and spread the knowledge of our history.
            Black History is everyday. I think its ridiculous to
 wait around for one month. Black History is every single
day. Learn something new about Black History. Gain
knowledge while retaining what you already know.
Thank you. Again, all Black HIstory quotes here
are by me.

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