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Black people in Politics ! INkster city Council who live in my same state! (Mayor, council people)

windmill on US flag

I used to work at the Inkster City Council but I DO NOT

work there anymore. My job was being a camera operator.
I basically got camera shots of the city officials and even podium
shots. It was fun, I got the wide shots, close ups, head to waist
camera shots, and even camera shots of the audience. I basically
would try to anticipate on who would be speaking next
based on who the person is speaking too. I would stand up
for 4 hours doing that. It was like a part time job twice a month.
So I definitely put that on my resume.
            I remember in  Inkster Michigan, I met the Mayor.
I met the other people there too. I sometimes even directed
the camera operators, but the most of the time I
did the camera operating.But I have left that job
in search for new employment. ANyways,
these are some Black people in politics.
                Mayor Hampton is the current mayor in Inkster Michigan
 He has served on council for 16 years and as mayor for 8 years.
His term will expire in 2011. I remember he would first pledge
allegiance to the flag, then bang the gavel to get the meeting
               Mayor Pro-Tem District V was Mr. Wimberly is an
African American man. He is also the Treasurer for the Downtown Development Authority
and Secretary for Board of Zoning Appeals.
               Marcus Hendricks is  a black man who works
as the councilperson in District 11
He is on the construction board of APpeals, Planning Commission,
Brownfield REdevelopment Authority, and his term expires 2011.
He has served on Council for 8 years.
                    Councilperson for District III
 is a Black man named Courtney J OWens. He was not there when I was work
so he’s new to this position in INkster. He looks very
young like 20 something.I wonder what age they start
having city officials????
                  Michael Canty, is a Black man who
has served on Council for 4 years. His role is
chairman for the financial committee.
           I wonder what qualifications people need to take on such
roles. I also Wonder what inspires them to take these positions.
There are pictures so you can see who they are and see
who took these particular roles. Enjoy!

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