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I would love to see more African American roller skating organizations, movies! Here is a video on youtube of OUR BLACK people skating!


Get out your roller skates andget on the floor lol. Skate like

Vivica Foxx did in the movie SOul

Food. Show your moves.

Well you know what? IT’s been a while since I even

roller skated. I miss it so much. I got

to get back to a roller rink. I’m there

in my mind. I feel like I’m going to

do a spin on skates and twirl around

like a professional figure skater

except on roller skates.

Everybody who reads this might already

know about the black Figure skater

Surya Bonaly, but if you don’t You

know this second.

I wish there were more movies on African American skating.

I know there are 2 or a few but there should be more.

I would love to see more black roller skating teams.

We need more organizations like this.

I think that SWV’s song’s

Weak is the perfect song to skate to,

though there are many.

See the youtube video of OUR BLACK people roller skating outside:


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