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My Black people, Here are the Dangers of Microwave food!


Well we like to use microwaves to warm ourfood. It’s easier than using the stove all

the time. But there are some hidden dangers

to microwaving things. Where are the schools

that teach about this? It’s shameful that

the important things you need to know

are not talked about in school.

A woman had a hip surgery

but was killed because the nurse

warmed her blood in the microwave

for a blood transfusion. Blood

being warmed has it’s own routine,

but is to never be put in the


Also, know that it is harmful

for people to put a baby’s bottle

in a microwave. Even if the bottle

is cool or warm, the liquid milk or

whatever in the bottle could be hot

and could burn the baby’s mouth and


Also, microwaving the drink in the

bottle can cause changes in the milk.

Say for instance, it’s an infant’s

formula, well it may actually take

out some vitamins. Even in breast

milk, the good and protective

properties could end up being

destroyed. I took a health class

that says nothing bad about microwaves.

So I guess it would be better to eat

popcorn that you put on the stove

rather than they pop up corn in the

microwave. But anyways, I do

remember hearing that boiling veggies

takes out their nutrients. I heard this

from the professor of the health class

I took in college.

But there is an alternative

to warming a bottle. Hold it under

tap water, or set it in a bowl of

warm water then put it on your wrist

to test it before feeding.

So the verdict is that microwaves

changes the food nutrients. ANd based

on studies, microwaving food causes

haemoglobin levels to decrease.

Microwave cooking causes

deterioration in both the blood

and immune system. Situations like

this make me wonder, what else is not

good for you? The way the spray

chemicals on food and the fattening

stuff in it.


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