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Black people, There was a natural disaster that happened to the Asians in their own country ASIA!



Well from time to time we hear about natural

disasters. This particular natural disaster is in Asia.

It tore up the city into pieces and made things look

like trash.

350 people have died from a cyclone. 400,000 military people

were not doing very much to help the victims. There was a trishaw

driver asking where the people were that would clean the areas and

give back electricity? Myanmar has been military controlled since

1962. The government there has been talked about badly because

of its human rights abuses and suppression of pro democracy


Last September, it was about 31 peple killed and

1,000s more held up when the military cracked down on

calm protests. The military is not well prepared to deal with

the effects of the cyclone.120 mph winds snatched off

the hospitals roofs and cut electricity to the largest city

in the country.

The whipping winds and horrendous downpour caused

so much tragedy in the city. Trees are down as well

as electricity. 351 people were killed which includes

the 162 people living in Haing Gyi island.

The villages were overtaken and flattened like a pancake.

75 percent of the buildings were ironed out, just flat out. The

roads clogged like a glob of hair stuck in a sink. But in

this case the road was clogged with debris. Phone lines

fell to the ground.

Gas prices did a big jump from 2.50 to $10.00 a gallon.

We know the Asians are hurtin’ because this
is where all this chaos has happened, in

an Asian city. Eggs and construction supplies had

tripled. It sounds like with all this destruction

giant egg beaters came flying in tossing over

this way and that way and clobbering everything in

its path.



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