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My Black people, this is the disaster going in China!



It’s already bad when a car

crashes. But when a train crashes, it

sounds ten times worst. Whether people

are just so daring to play on the train

tracks or people are driving too fast,

here come those consequences. ANd then

here’s what the article said:

They said that the speed of the

train caused it to be the worst accident

in China. That killed about 70 people.

Two trains crashed into each other in

Shandong China.

There were 100s of passengers

in hospitals all over the area, with

70 in critical condition, and it was

said that the number could increase.

ONe train was going at 131 kph

at the accident when the speed limit

was 80kph. Of the people who died,

26 were identified. This will go down

as China’s worst train accident since

1997 came.

This situation sounds as bad
as a gasoline truck blowing up. There

are people who actualloy drive these

things but the risks for this kinda

vehicle are extra high. Plus the situation

makes me think about people’s priorities.

Faster isn’t always better.But that’s

they wanted to do so that’s what happened!

I guess most of the bad stuff happens

being in a hurry. But what happened happened.
That’s that.

THis would be the 2nd disaster for the

Chinese people I’ve read about that’s happened

in this era.


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