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States with the most and states with just some BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES!

Kwanzaa 12-26



Here are the Facts..Do you know how many black businesses exist?’
Do you know what kind of business most of them produce?
Do you know where they be? Listen this is what I found out.

In 2002, MIssouri had 16,758 black owned businesses.
But in 1997 it was 13,678 which was a large increase.
In America, there were 1.2 million black ownedfirms by 2002.
Sales as well als receipts from black owned businesses
came to 92.7 billion in 2002. I’m going to give you time
to guess what states have the most Black owned firms.
Think about the most diverse states.

NOw I will say that the states with the biggest
number of black owned firms were New York,
California, and Florida, Georgia, and Texas. California
is the specific state with the largest gross sale from
black owned companies. Missouri came at the 19th
for the states in total number of black owned firms.
New York, California, and Florida have over 100,000
black owned firms. There were a total of 20
states that had over 5,000 blacked owned businesses in

So basically states with the highest amount of black
owned businesses were the southern and eastern states.
THe District of columbia tops them with the most black
owned businesses being Maryland, Georgia, Mississippi,
and Louisiana. In Missouri, Blacks owned 3.8 percent
of all firms in 2002.

Take it all in. Look at the charts and maps of how
its set up and represented. It gives you more details
about the black owned businesses.

I really truly appreciate a state with any amount of black owned businesses.
But I’m really enthusiastic and appreciative towards states with high
Numbers of black owned businesses and has the most black owned
Businesses. Plus its an advantage for us black people to leave
Something for the youth right now and the youth to come,
Especially a black business. We need more black businesses
Of many kinds. We as adults need to open up our black youths’
Mind to the possibilities. They need to hear that big things
Come from small ideas. Plus God bless the motivational speakers
Because they reach people.

This particular quote just popped into
My head. “IF there are obstacles in business, just like anything
Else we must extend the bridge. There’s no barricades where
Dreams are concerned, though there is free space and air.

Plus we need to tell our black youth about building our dreams and
That we can get a business high in status. Then if there
Is something missing it can get a touchup.



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