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Philadelphia makes Black HIstory a REQUIRED class for graduation!

black history


You know how schools have always taught American HIstory from the

European view. Well this has outraged Black Parents. So the Black Parents

asked them to offer African American History as a REquirement.

They asked for this 40 years ago and with Philadelphia celebrating

Black History 365 days a year. I’m surprised it took this long

but African American History is NOW a requirement.

This makes Philadelphia stand out as the first major city

to make Black History a REQUIREMENT for GRADUATION.

The course will be about how Black Africans became

Americans through the colonial period, achieving freedom, the

Civil war and afterward, economic development for Blacks

in the last century, civil rights movement and black

nationalist movements.

ALso, it will focus on Frederick Douglass, IDa B. Wells,

Dr. Charles Dreaw.

THe Philadelphia School district has a total of 185,000 students

and two thirds of them are OUR Black people. The School REform

Commission is the panel of people who sets the rules which

has about 2 Black people and 3 white folks. So now the course

of Black History is mandatory in all 53 high schools, not JUST

an ELECTIVE. IT’s required. ANd that’s how it should be, everything

our Black people did paved the way for college and more and more

riches. WIthout Black people, there would NOT be paper to make

Money on.

ANd Like the withering IDIOTS there are, Mr PErzel said

that Black History will divide not unite the people. But remember

in my other article, it was integration that got Black Businesses

in the mess it was in. ANd even still after all OUR BLACK people

been through ofcourse its supposed to be required, after

all OUR BLACK people have done it’s supposed to be required.

ANd plus the school district is set in its decision and not

going to go back on it because of one BLATANT IDIOTS. THere are great people behind a GREAT
idea but also a few idiots on the sidelines
just waiting like opening up their mouths.
NO ONE should say that Black history should
not be required. IF there are white people
who want to skip the class and not
graduate oh well because Black History
is required in Philadelphia to graduate!

There were other idiots to leave their stupid remarks


for high schools in PHILADELPHIA.

Philadelphia is leading and let the other states follow

in the same direction. Supporters were dismayed by the

folks who said it should NOT be required. Like they said,

the white man and his sidekick

white girl has robbed US BLACK people of our KNOWLEDGE of OUR

BLACK history. Every time I research BLACK ACHEIVEMENTS we get

our stuff back.

THe course will talk about the origins of civilization in Africa

and early developments of AFrican History. I know it must hurt

white folks to hear about what they DID NOT do, So what.

The truth is BLACK PEOPLE created numerous things.

Patricia Thomas Whyatt taught Black History to an ALL BLACK

school of 900 students and cleared up misconceptions about




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