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Save money on your bills the easy way!



Tired of the bill prices? Let’s see

them fall! Spend more money on what other

things you want.

Bills seem like they keep increasing.

There should be a law against increasing bills

and give those people fines for increasing

bills. More money out of their pockets rather

than OURS. Yes, My Black people, let us save

money TOGETHER. They are so dang on petty

for increasing prices in stuff. They need

to grow up. If they could think and make

sense they would be doing something good.

High bills are the problem, saving is the

solution as we know. But for now, here are ways

to save on your bills.

Seal and weatherstrip your windows and doors

to make sure the air conditioning or heat

is not going outdoors.

A water tank insulation wrap costs about

$20.00. This Add the pre cut pipe

insulation to pipes you see going into

your water heater. It’s not expensive

at all and simple to put in. If you began

off with an uninsulated tank, the energy

savings should pay for the changes

in a few months.

Instead of duct tape, use mastic ( a

gooey substance put on with a paintbrush)

to close up all shown ductworkk joints

like the attic, crawlspace and the basement

as well. This will in turn improve your

heatiing system and make it more comfortable

on YOU.

Storm windows cut down on the heat lost by

single paned windows 25-50 percent in the

winter. This is a temporary thing, but

you can improve your windows with plastic

sheeting on the inside.

If you defide to buy new products, look

out for the ENERGY STAR label found on

Tvs, furnaces, cell phones, refridgerators,

air conditioners, etc.

Incandescent light bulbs are outdated

as we know. 95% of the energy used is

for heating the light bulb which gives

off the unwanted heat for your home

in the summer months.

But it says to replace 5 most used light bulbs

with Energy Star compact fluorescent bulbs

and that will say $60 each year on your

Energy bill.

These particular light bulbs use 2 thirds

less energy but at the same time last 10

times longer. Using dimmers, timers, and

motion detectors on indoor and outdoor

lighting is also another great idea.

ENERGY STAR torchiere lamps are safer and more

useful than laogen torchieres.

ANd last, remember what I said before about

what OUR BLACK people spending money on

in 2004? Lets see the bills go down

for how much we spend in 2008 and beyond.

More info and resources to be found

on this site.



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