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Africa’s Best Kept secret -The Answer!

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                 Africa’s well kept secret

Western governments did NOt even know Africa’s

best kept secret. Also, this secret was not known

to international agencies with specialist staffs.

The secret is that the welfare, education,

development and enviornmental well being

of Africa is dependant upon Churches and MOsques

of Africa. Without networks, service and love of the

Churches in Africa, 100s of millions MORE would

go without food, shelter, healthcare, schooling,

and opportunities for development. So obviously

the church is the helping hand to help our

BLACK people in Africa survive.

           But the church can only do so much. IT takes

more effort to help OUR BLACK people.

In Zambia, 40%R of all healthcare and 30%

of all education is set up and led by the churches.

In EGYPT, the Coptic Orthodox Church which

goes way back to 49AD, is working in over
5000 of the poorest villages in EGYPT.

(Every time I think about EGYPT I think about

dynasties and royalty because of how OUR BLACK people

lived.) BUT now its the Coptic ORthodox Church which

provides water, sanitation and micro finance structures

to help those who don’t hve to become wealth creators.

45 percent of Africa’s people are CHRISTIAN.

         THese people survive the most disasters, wars, civil

violence, corruption and fear. Western Agency like the

British Government and WOrld Bank has their own

selfish agenda. They want their own values opposite

of African tradition, like individual ownership not collective

ownership of land, privatisation, and consumerism.

But the saying goes NO man is an island. This reminds

me of the Black African people who worked in groups

handling different tasks so no one role was set on

just one person. That would actually be a lot of pressure

if that did happen.

          Church groups now have the chance to come as

guests to the table of international planning of preservation

of ecology and sustainable development of the potential

of Africa. They bring in their critical assessments of aid,
development and ecological work.

Another lesson learned… Lets see how

much happens when people start supporting the

churches and mosques that support Africa.

           That’s extra help that Africa could use. IT’s

like passing the blessing. I’m glad to give

credit where credit is due.


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