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the REal Black Egyptians showing the original Black statues and then the FAKE white statues!

The Eye of Horus

Whites copied off Black people Flat out!

Nubians were coming out of Nubia and bringing
the leopards. Tutankhamen has his left foot
forward. Tutankhamen is shown as black.
Maat, great Goddess in which they created principles.
The pope is bowing down in respect to the
Black Madonna.You will see the Ancient
Egyptians with the same hairstyle as
Black people. The Black woman today wearing
the same hairstyles as the Ancient Black Egyptians.
Then the Bald headed Black man that looks just
like the ancient stone head.

I’m glad he gave visuals. Yes, this is what
I call a real education. He’s saying a lot of stuff I know, and
I just want more people to hear and see it. It’s a very delightful
video of OUR BLACK people. I know Ive said this many times,
but I’m going to say it again, those WHites be copying us BLACK
people. Whatever the Black man and Black woman create,
whites want to come up with their form of it.



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