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WPA-ORganization that helps OUR BLACK people!

Mommie Eduates us on Kwanzaa

WPA stands for Works Progress
Administration. THis organization was
built with the purpose of giving
economic relief. We know the Great
Depression was a hard time. I remember
it was a time in the 1930s. I think
that was when the Oklahoma Dust Bowl
came. But anyways, I’ll tell you this!
WPA created jobs in construction,
clerical, professional and art

We need this kinda program

for all states who don’t have enough

employment like Michigan. Like wherever

else. The WPA really pulled through

for our Black Poeople in the past.

I have to check to see what’s currently

happening today with this organization.

But truly it has helped OUR BLACK people.

WPA hired African Americans and its

projects helped OUR BLACK people out

greatly. WPA built and renovated hospitals,

housing projects, schools, parks,

playgrounds, and swimming pools in

Black communities.

MOre benefits is that the WPA

gave free medical and dental care to

impoverished Black children and adults.

More than 5,000 African American instructors

and supervisors worked on the WPA’s

educational programs. This organization

taught millions of Black Adults to

read and write at the racist time era.

WPA gave OUR Black people
opportunities for jobs in white collar

positions. Though it made only a FEW

types of progress it helps some.

It’s better to help a little rather

than none at all. So its something

even though this organization was

not all it could be at getting jobs

for Blacks and whites.




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