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Black Couple uses cable to connect to the BLACK community!



            I present you with A Black man and a Black woman side

connect the black community. They came up with

INside Cable, a Black OWNED telecommunications

data network infrastructure company.

              MR. Brooks is a former telecommunications
design engineers with a law degree who takes

on the role as the company’s president and

chief of operations. Mrs. Brooks studied

broadcast journalism.

        The company founded their company from their

kitchen table in Lexington. Inside

moves 5,000 sq feet of office space. It

added 14 employees and earned $3.1 million

revenues in 2007.

The customer list includes businesses

like Siemens Transportation Systems,

The TJX Companies, Liberty Mutual,

The Democrativ National Convention

Committee and others.

Mrs Brooks says more people of color

and women that need to know the system

of certification. COmpanies owned by

BLACK people can look for certification

as minority business enterprises which

are needed to be involved in state and city

run minority set aside programs.

In order to earn DBE certification

a business must be owned and controlled by

1 or more socially and economically disadvantaged

persons whose net worth is less than

$750,000. IN BOston, city departments have

to make best faith to get at least

15 % with MBES. By the state’s levle, $240 million

is targeted to efforts by the State OFFICE

of Minority and women Business Assistance.

Self owned busineses are an example

of how ideas build projects like a stack

of bricks leads to a house.
THis is what I call a network of



by side ,a beautiful couple, using cable to

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