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CHina has another earthquake that kills over 8,700 people!

Posted May 12, 2008 05:52 PM
In Chengdu, China there was a powerful earthquake that overtook

buildings, schools, and chemical plants.

It killed more than 8,700 people

and trapped people in mounds of concrete,

steel, and earth in 3 decades.

7.9 magnitude earthquake caused

disaster in a region of small cities

and towns on the steep hills north

of Chengdu. It emptied office

buildings around Beijing and was

felt so far away it reached VIetnam.

A 3 story high school

snapped in half like someone

bent a pencil. It buried as many

as 900 students and killed 50.

Sounds like an early grave.

It’s one thing for people to be buried

but when the incident buries them

that’s really speaking about how

DANGEROUS the situation is.

So people used both cranes

and mechanical hoists as well as their

hands to remove slabs of concrete

and steel.

Names of the dead were written

on the blackboard. I bet they were

cringing in every moment.

The earthquake knocked out one of

the last homes of the giant panda

at the WOlong Nature REserve and

panda breeding center.

Telephone networks crashed,

fell over like some little limp object.

People was crying out for help,

waiting desperately and hoping to

survive at least that’s for SOME

of the people that did not DIE.

People were running around

restless, lack of sleep and the

ability to snooze off. There they

were thinking about

the next disaster and wondering
why this happen to them.

8,533 people died in the CHINESE

city of SICHUAN. There wer 216 others

that died in the other provinces and

the city of Chongqing. The worst

hit area was WENCHUAN.

To add to the chaos the rain made

it difficult for 4 military helicopters

to land.

East of Beichuan county , 80

percent of the buildings fell, 10,000

people were hurt. There were about

3,000 to 5,000 dead. Two chemical

plants in Shifang collapsed and

had people pinned down under stuff.

Hundreds of people were buried and

80 tons of toxic liquid ammonia

was added into the chaos.

Soldiers headed to the area and

whoa they probably could not imagine

how to get started with fixing such

a disaster. It must have been over

their heads.

This earthquake took people out

left and right. Whatever was in its

path was HIT. It’s just like the black

hole that sucks anything up within

its vicinity. The black hole is something in

outer space I read about in a book.



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