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African American child prodigies at your screen!

 I many times talk about African Americans who have

achieved something. It’s mostly adults that I talk about involving
us BLACK people. But whenever I can find something on the
web about Black children acheiving, I take this information
and present it to you. To hear about my BLACK people achieving
puts me into a state of Euphoria. (Euphoria means bliss)
    Chelsea Dock- A Black child who is 12 years old. I quickly
point you to the right direction to find it.
She is a classical pianist and has been given the title
of child prodigy. Chelsea began her piano lessons at
the age of 4 and a half years old. She makes those
straight A’s so her grades are like a jackpot. Chelsea
is both humble and fierce in her competition. She first started
competiting and winning piano competitions at 5 years old.
         Autum Ashante is another child prodigy. She writes
poetry and does acting. Autum has traveled far and wide,
and received lots of praises for poetry and speaking
several languages. Also she was on the APollo Theater
and has appeared on some television programs.
           For these and other child prodigies, go to
this site: