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Attention to this young lady, Missing Black woman! NYPD gets sued for not helping find her!


         Romona Moore is a 21 year old Guyanese black woman. She was last
seen going to Burger King in the Canarsie neighborhood. So this makes
me wonder where was the neighborhood watch? Do they have one?
But I would now like to describe her. She is sheltered, shy, and studious.
Yet the NYPD did not pay her mother any attention when she
went missing. So they just felt like laying down on the job in her case which
is ridiculous. These men should NEVER be allowed to practice in
any place. Some mentally retarded people had her chained up for 4 days in a studio.
And  here is something else that’s ridiculous the police was not doing
a great enough job but the family found her. Now think about it, police
trained to find people could not figure out where she was. Are these police
people amateur or what?
            The ending to the situation is that Romona’s mother is suing the NYPD
to show the racial motives for those dummy policemen not doing their job
to find her. IT talks a lot for these racist police to find someone because
they NOT doing their jobs.  And I bet the NYPD felt so crunchy and foolish
when the family found this Black woman themselves. The simplest things
the cops make road blocks for.