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12 year old BLACK young child recites poetry about what the white man stole and did in the past!

Well I’m going to tell you like this. I’m known for writing about
controversial topics. Anybody that has read a lot of my blog
posts knows this. So I specifically like to point out this
12 year old black child reciting controversial poetry.
She is reciting about Black History so she knows how
the system of the world works. The truth is laid out
like cards on the table spread out. She’s got a lot of
enthusiasm and class. Her words are so catchy as if
you hearing a song but the words stick in your mind.
And I know you’ll love hearing her. When she speaks
the truth she’s all in it.
Plus you can see a copy of her words here:
This young girl named Autum was banned from performing
in the school district. It’s too controversial for these weak beings
who banned her. It’s too much because they guilty. They
call it aggressive. I call it hitting the dang on NAIL on the head.
I call it hitting the TARGET. BINGO!

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