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Part 2 of the SHow off your twist Gallery!

Twist out from jacked up twists!

I love it, this is hair that speaks to me.

This is exactly what I love about

natural nappy hair, but there’s plenty of reasons for that. The twist

hairstyles even remind me of some twist bracelets.

I love the way hair twists. It’s like hair doing

a workout. All these forms

hair lets us do it.

two strand twist

This reminds me of an Egyptian

hairstyle and since we all know the Egyptians

are black people, it makes sense that

they would wear a style like this.

LOW Puff and temple twist 1-19-07

At least this style won’t take

long to do. But it’s still an option.

The brown on the puff sets it off.

Day 3 Medium Twists

The Black with brown highlights are excellent.

Twist out

When the twist comes out it

leaves a trace that it was there. I’m so glad

she showed the twist unraveled. Glory!

Redone Back Twisted Updo

What  goes up must come down!

You see ofcourse how it’s

braided up and going down

 like a sprout of water. I love

the essence of twist.

Steamed Tiny Twists

This reminds me of waterfalls. I even

 think of it in terms of the ripples

in the water.


2 thoughts on “Part 2 of the SHow off your twist Gallery!

  1. How funny! I put in a search for twists in google and my pictures came up. This is me! Anyway, you have a nice blog and thank you for the kind words.

  2. Chocolatte, wonderful. I am glad to use your beautiful picture.
    Thanks so much. It is a priveledge to hear your comments.
    You are welcome

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