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Black Majestic Palisade- A black poem spoken on youtube!


I enjoy this poem about BLACK history.It’s like music to my ears but no music

is playing to the poem. But it’s so great!

The poem about Black History has word so superb

they belong in a plaque, poster,

Billboard, anything to show them off. She is talking about

how OTHER races say things to hate on us. They really

admire and envy us. THE BLACK race is regal. We are the

foundation, the roots, and the growth of everything great.

I’m caught up in these words. Black people are the most

ENVIED race. The other races say stupid things about

us because they can’t be BLACK. That’s what it comes

to, totals out to. I can’t wait until you hear this poem.

It’s called Black Majestic Palisade. this poem is very

moving. There’s so many ways to express oneself and she
expressed herself well.