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Happy to be Nappy! Black woman shows how easy it is to wear nappy hair and what helps keep her hair moisturized! She also shows pictures of how her hair grew and it stages!


You know how something is so greatyou just want more? Like a drink that’s

so flavorful on the tongue or a Great meal

when you really really hungry? Well in this

case, this black woman’s hair really made

me happy. I started off with her first

article and pictures of her hair. Then

I watched as her hair progressed. She goes

through how she maintains her NATURAL

NAPPY BEAUTIFUL hair. She’s very encouraging

because she talks about the moisture her

hair has and how easy it is to style.

IT’s better to have something that’s

manageable. Nappy hair is best because it’s

the hair you are born with. It’s best

because it’s beautiful. IT’s best because

relaxers and other chemicals damage the hair

and we don’t need all this money being

wasted on chemicals. The Black hair care

industry makes a lot of money. I will

find out more and get back to you. But

this money could be towards college,

feeding the hungry and other issues.

Naturally hair can do itself. All you need

to do to manage natural hair is use

the right products. You see the problems

come real hard when using chemicals.

Problems come with chemicals in the food.

Problems come with chemicals in the hair.

More spending comes with chemicals in the


But yes, this woman let’s you

know straight up that she’s staying

natural, should have always been natural as

well. She says that you can do it too.

I know some people may think certain

nappy styles might not look right on

them. But there is a nappy style for YOU.

So if you decide to get one, it may

be a small journey but you will find it.

This woman says the products she uses makes

it easier to style her hair. Her hair

stays managed, stays fresh looking.

It does not take her long to style it.

She is the hope of being hopeful and

she can inspire you. People should not

have to worry about which hairstyle they

should get in going natural. this is why

there should be hair shows for us Black

people. They should be aimed towards

helping find the right style in NAPPY Hair.

Whatever makes it easier for you….

She uses Carol’s Daughter’s Khoret Ahmen Oil

and her hair is never dry. Anything that

provides moisture for the hair is a winner.

This link gives you a whole list of her
articles on her hair’s progress:

This link tells you what products sheuses on her hair. She also states if you

get sisterlocks, you need to make sure

you don’t USE certain products on it BEFORE

you get the SISTERLOCKS. These products

are oils, moisturizers, and settings locks

which should NOT Be used if you getting

sisterlocks because they will hamper your

LOCKING process. That’s what she says

on the article Nineteen months, it’s the

last paragraph after you click on that page.

But here are the products she uses:

I read her whole story, every article onthe first link.