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Marcus Garvey, A black leader came up with the Black Baby Doll company!

There’s always was a great black leader from historythat led us into today. Just like their are Great Black Leaders
today in a different way that support our OWN BLACK People.

I am so excited to see a black doll, it’s like a time for

celebration. Let’s have a BLACK HISTORY party.

Marcus Garvey is definitely one of those great rolemodels.

IN the 1920s, Marcus Garvey urged Black Americans to be

proud of their color and features. ( All of our features are graceful,

elegant beautiful. That’s why I love to see my BLACK people

take pictures. Every black person taking pictures is

giving me something great to look at.) Back to Marcus Garvery:

By 1920, he went to 38 states

and deeply touched the hearts of OUR BLACK people. His

newspaper was called NEgro World, and sold 100,000 copies a week

and also advertised the sale of black dolls.

There was a caption included under Negro World photograph
of a happy child holding her black toy. The caption says
Little Thelma Miller, 8 years old is fond of her black doll.

By 1919, the Harlem based company of Berry & Ross was the

first large scale manufacturer of Black Dolls. Many people

should get up and keep the pattern going. Our Black Children

are the future. We need to inspire them anyway we can.

Let’s do everything to make them Happy Black babies,

and happy black kids, happy black teens, Happy black

adults  and so on! You dig?