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Black inventors, inventions, and Patents!

Race of Egyptians Egyptians on the bottom

THey want to deny US BLACK people the right to know what

our people invented. Yet they want to make up lies about what

they DID NOT do claiming they did it. Sounds like a bunch of

lazy freeloaders ,who claim our BLACK inventions

but did NOT INVENT them. But OUR BLACK people invented so much

it just keeps going.

Black inventors, inventions, and patents:

Beard, A J Car coupler 594,059

Brooks, C B. Street Sweepers 556,711

Burr JA Lawn mower 624, 749

Butler RA train alarm 584, 540

Campbell W.S Self setting animal trap 246,369

Ferrell F J valves for steam engine 428,671

Grant G F GOlf tee 638,920

Headen M foot power hammer 350,363

Lee J bread crumbling machine 540, 553

Matzeliger J E Shoe lasting machine 459, 899

MCCoy E. Lubricator for steam engines 129,843

And they did not want us to know a thing about this.

Well even liars and persons who like to hide others achievements

fail to cover all loopholes, which is very fortunate. The truth

comes out.

Source: Blacks in Science ( A book)
type it in at and you will
see it.