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Guidelines for healthy natural African American Hair!

kinky twists

We want our hair to be soft, healthy and manageable so

we need to take certain measures to get it that way. And we

don’t just want this for one night, we want this for a lifetime.

Who does not want great hair? I don’t know a person

in this world who would not want it. It’s so serious how

hair really does something to the face. SOme styles

lay on the head or even hug the face. But whatever hair

style we get, we want healthy hair.

Nappturosity: How to Create Fabulous Natural Hair and locs

This book is great for the person who is going natural or went

natural. This book is ALSO great for those who want locs or

even been NATURAL for years.

So here are the key points of the book

Maintain your natural hair and locs at home

Learn what products to use based on YOUR hair type

Start and re tighten braidlocs and traditional locs

Steps to go from relaxers to natural

Home maintenance system that saves time and money

Give your hair new life and style

Principle 1

hair care ritual

Grow long strong healthy hair

Tools and accessories that support natural hair care

Principle 2

Volume of your hair

Hair myths

loc options for textured hair

Mistakes to prevent from being made with sisterlocks

loc maintenance

Nappylocs and braidlocs

Principle 3

Nappturious Diva’s harmful product review

REcommended natural products

Homemade natural product recipes

Principle 4.

Rollover styling

Semi protective, protective hair styles

Along with that you will see women in a video on this site.

IT’s great to put the face with the voice/knowledge. It’s definitely

something I would buy. I wonder if you are interested in this.

HOpe this helps.