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Products to avoid that dry your hair, and plus products that are great for hair!

Nubian Twists

There are so many products that saythey treat dry damaged and chemical hair

for African Americans but they don’t always

come through. Thankfully, the people

on these websites looking out for us and

in the books too. I love hair care

guides that tell me what is good to use,

when to use it, how often and how much,

every single little detail. I don’t want

to miss a beat.

The shampoos you should avoid

are shampoos, conditioners with

Isopropyl alcohol. It can be found in

both hair and skin products like hair

rinses and finishing sprays.

Isoproply alcohol is a petroleum

substance in wood lacquer and antifreeze.

It causes headaches, dizziness, nausea,

and comas.

Propylene glycol is a surfactant and

solvent and takes on the role as emulsifier

in creaqms, butters, shampoos, body washes,

and conditioners. It breaks down protin.

It makes the hair and skin appear smoother

yet ravages the strands and speeds up aging.

It causes sagging of the skin. Workers

wear gloves, googles, and clothing to

protect themselves against this ingredient.

Touching propylene glycol causes liver,

brain, and kidney damage.

Sodium Laurel Sulphate and Sodium
Laureth Sulphate is the MOST dangerous

of ingredients. It’s in about 90% of

shampoos or conditioners that create foam.

DEA diethanolamine and MeA momoethanolamine

also known as cocamide and lauramide cause

cancer. Using products with those ingredients

over and over increases liver and kidney


parabens are preservatives that inhibit

growth in hair care products and are

HIGHLY toxic. It’s really sad people make

these kinda products as if they don’t know

that natural shampoos and hair products

should be the ONLY way. Or if they just

selfish. That should be against the law
to use those dangerous products. Just

like warning labels come with foods,

warning labels need to come with the

shampoos and conditioners with dangerous


So now that you know some of the things

to dodge, avoid, stay away from, here is

the GOOD Stuff.

The best products for hair contain

aloe vera, jojoba, olive, and rosemeary.

Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner and

BEauty 4 Ashes Godhead Silky Smooth

shampoo does an excellent job on

all hair types with damaged hair.

Beauty 4 Ashes has a LOAD of hair

STRENGTHENING and restoring nutrients

like coconut oil, wheat germ oil,

avocado oil, aloe vera, sunflower oil,

and more protein rich hair silkening


You will find these


So these products

are natural, give you vibrancy, bounce,

shine, and life to damage tresses and

don’t put them through the tragedy

those other chemical shampoos and conditioners

do. These are the kinda products they

should advertise more. THe hair is so

precious, it needs to be tended to,

caressed, and touched. Nuture your hair because

having beautiful hair makes you feel great.