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The benefits of Apple cider Vinegar at your service! Good for hair, and applied with water causes weight loss!

apple cider vinegar

I’m in love with learning

everything that can help us BLACK

people out. So, if there is anything

I can find out for you let me know.

RIght now I will just go right into

the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

for you.

APple cider vinegar is found

at health food stores. IT cleanses

the body. This lady puts 2 tablespoons

of it in a glass of water and drink

this every day all throughout the

day. Water is my biggest challenge.

I always lean toward something flavor

like the juices. But ok.

Apple cider vinegar is great for your

hair. It cleans the hair and removes

buildup in the scalp.

Apple cidar vinegar gets rid

of bottle bacillus, which causes dandruff,

itchy scalp, hair loss, and baldness.

I also read that sulfur 8

gets rid of dandruff. Though the reason

I tried Sulfur 8 was because this lady

I know said it grew HER hair. But I’m

using that SUlu max gro. Back to APple

cidar, apply the full strength Apple

Cider Vinegar to the scalp, rub it all

in, and leave on for half and hour to

an hour before washing hair. Tea tree oil

is an anti dandruff product as well.

The moral of the story, Apple CIdar

Vinegar is OUR Friend.