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The dangers of using relaxers!

ruler fabric

The name of the chemical

they put in sodium hydroxide is a

caustic soda lye. GUess what? The FDA

banned that chemical in household

cleaners. So if they can ban it for

household cleaners ofcourse its superbad
for the hair.

Even breathing in this chemical

can cause lung damage. So to the beauitician

who does these relaxers and to the customer,

they must know this. Relaxers cause the

hair to lose resilience and elasticity.

THe thioglycolic acid compounds

are used in those CURLY PERMS. Well, they

are toxic compounds and cause the skin

to be irritated. IF this gets into the

bloodstream it causes low blood sugar.

So these curly perms cause hair damage,

swelling feet and legs, eye irritation,

rash on ears, neck, scalp, forehead,
and eyes swelling. IT can cause

damaging allergic reactions.

Then the burning of the scalp

deters hair growing. Hair CANNOT

grow through scarred tissue. It

can cause baldnes and hair loss

in the top of the head.

THe chemicals in relaxers

cause malignancy, arthritis, multiple

sclerosis, sarcodosis.

ANd most importantly people

should NOT put relaxers in their child’s

hair. A kid’s head is more sensitive

and can be easiliy be damaged, burned

or have hair loss because of RELAXERS. Kids

have even gone to the hospital for 2nd

degree burns from RELAXERS. Kiddie perms

aint even safe either even though they

are advertised for children.


Book “WHere Beauty Touches Me” by
Pam Ferrell