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The medicine of Egytpians and what way they used to determine if a woman was pregnant!


We know the Egyptians

are ALL BLACK, every single one.

Yet people deny this because their

brain is ash or they too jealous to

say so. They boo hooing. But oh well.

THe Egyptians, which are the Great BLACK

AFricans, have done so much. Let’s take

a look at their medical procedures

and their own procedure to determine

if a woman is pregnant.

The Black Egyptians had

3 to 4 thousand years of experience

dissecting and bandaging mummies.

They used red hot metal instruments

to stop the bleeding points and

closed wounds with sutures and tape.

The Black Egyptians used 1,000

animal, plant and mineral products

to treat sick people.Night blindness
could be treated with ox livers.
Poppy extract treats babies who are
colicky.The Black Egyptians distributed their
prescriptions as enemas, suppositories,
infusions and elixirs in accurate
and standardized doses.

You know how the pregnancy test uses
urine. Well, the Black Egyptians had their
own form of pregnancy test. A woman’s
urine was put onto growing cereals.
If the cereals did not show growth,
the woman was NOT pregnant. If it
did show grow the woman WAS pregnant!IN
40% of the cases, a pregnant woman’s
urine had a permissive effect on the
growth of Barley.

The BLACK Mind is really so magnificent.

So the Black Egyptians really preserved life

and helped people. Others wish they

had a mind like the BLACK Mind. But

they will keep on wishing.

ANyways here is how I found this:

Book Blacks in Science
Can be found here:…books&qid=1211528681