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Senator Barack OBama says what a shame to MCCAin OPPOSING scholarship money for military veterans!



           Barack Obama told veterans he can’t understand why John MCCAIN
does not agree to legislation that would give college scholarships to people
who are in the US military. I’m wondering that same thing. John MCCAin
is siding with George Bush making it hard for veterans to pay for college.
He’s not thinking just like George is not thinking. I don’t think its TOO generous
to help the veterans. The veterans help us don’t they? It’s a reciprocal thing.
Why should they make this hard for the veterans? That’s like biting the hand
that feeds you.
                 The Senate gave the “OK” for the scholarship bill.
He is saying that he thinks that people will encourage people
to leave the military after ONE enlistment after the US fights 2 wars.
Well, this can be assured, the college money will be more incentive
for people to do this. So he does not have to even think about
there not being enough people joining. Even if they do serve
1 year, that’s something.
              Mccain wants to increase on the benefits.
But the only One I feel and know is honest and legit is OBAMA.
These other candidates Hillary and MCCAIN need to get a cane
and walk on out of this. Hillary/MCCAin are both as fake as
plastic surgery.

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