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Black Africans invented the Olympics, yes they did!

Africans Who Wrote The Bible

Black Africans invented the Olympics!
 Once again we find out about what Black Africans invented

and it never stops. I am so happy about that. So I’m here to inform you.

We already know things Black Africans invented but the more we discover

the more we add on to what we know. So here it is.. I’m pulling back

the curtains on the truth, the real truth because we must know it.

The world’s earliest known sports games go back to 5200 BC

Egypt. Sports are physical activities where you compete with

yourself or others. You can also compete with nature.

Sports help with the mind, body, spirit,strength, agility,

skill, speed, and alertness. Ancient Black Africans

got involved in sports because of their need. Things

such as long distance running for transportation,

fun, self defense, or religious purposes.

A religious sport like the Sympathic Magic wrestling

bouts in Southern Nigeria were done to promote the

growth of crops through higher powers. Amun, was

in charge of crops.

the sympathetic part is the Black Africans believing

all things in the world are linked by invisible bonds. The wrestling

bout was a devotional honoring Amun for creating these bonds.

The magic part was the belief that everything has a spiritual

force of its own.

Greeks borrowed the gods and goddesses from Egypt. Amun,

an Egyptian was renamed Zeus and Zeus become what they

called the top god.

Contact sports were well known in Africa. The first record of boxing was

found in hieroglyphics on the walls of Egyptian tombs and

stone slabs as well as vases. On the walls of the 3000

BC tombs of Egyptian walls were wrestling, boxing,

and free fighting.

Even the yoga of the pharaohs were studied and THEN started

in Greece. On many of the tombs of the princes of the

Amenemhet period, murals show combatants involved

in combat, wrestling, grappling, boxing, and stick

fighting. These are the earliest records of people being involved in

Martial arts.

A boxer was face to face with a dancer doing a choreographed

drama such as ballet and is applauded for style, refinement, and

grace. Numerous African athletic events like boxing, wrestling started

in 4000 BC.

So see, even the Olympics was a Black African invention.

There’s so many Black African inventions the world don’t

know about. Thank God we at least know but hopefully

others will find out. If there was a show about Black

inventions that come on before and after BET and

everyday that would be cool. So whoever is watching

BET for music or whatever popular shows come on

they will immediately get this information in that

time frame. I’m thinking it’s a way to get more

attention to the show if there was one. Now

that we know BLACK Africans invented the

Olympics just like so many things, I’m still

on a journey to find out more. To be continued……

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