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Facts the media does NOT want you to know about Africa!


Just like its important about

how Africa was the birthplace of

the greatest things, we should

know more and more facts about


1. South Africa has 11 official languages.

2. Wine has been made in Africa for more

than 300 years.

3. South Africa is the place that has
made 9 Nobel Prize WInners for peace,
literature, and medicine.

4. South Africa is the ONLY country
made that has 3 capitals so that’s
really really different. THose
captials are Pretoria, Cape town,
and Bloemfontein.

5. Football is the most liked sport in
South Africa. The nation is excited about
hosting the World Cup in 2010.

6. Africanisms:
Babbalas=Hangover, howzit?= how are you?



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