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Part 2 of what the Media does not what you to know about Africa!

gmb boys


Everything great about Africa is scary

to the whites who want to hide it.

They like to go hush hush. It’s a childish

little game they are playing. But WE KNOW

this information today. Here are more facts

talking about Africa’s greatness.

There are 200,000 African

scientists in the United States

40,000 African doctoral graduates outside of

Africa is making progess in infrastructure.

The exports are coming from Africa.

Namiba exports diamonds

Botswana exports diamonds

Zimbabwe exports tobacco

Mozambique exports aluminum

Zambia exports copper

Malawi exports tobacco

Kenya exports tea

Uganda exports coffee

Nigeria exports crude oil

Ethiopia exports coffee

Congo exports diamonds

Rwanda exports crude oil and Sudan does too.

Chad exports cotton

Mauritania exports iron ore.

Angola and Cameroon export crude oil.

Sierra Leone exports diamonds.

South Africa is the most advanced

part of Africa.

Black Africans go to schools

and work in modern schools with same amenities.

Africa has very large skyscrapers.

Africa’s purchasing power is 2.5 trillion.

Africa provides

Columbite tentalite, mineral that computer

chips are made. Algeria, Egypt, Liberia,

Nigeria provides natural gas and petroleum

in 20 percent.

Now we just solved what we did not know

before. Life is a constant discovery,

especially for BLACK HISTORY. IT’s like

what the whites like to hide needs to

be screened through a metal detecter because

of what they withhold and what they lie about.

They know we should know this , but thanks

to people on the job and these internet

resources WE know what ALOT of whites don’t
want us to know. She talks about the amount
of people who have MORE access to drinking
water and other improved things in Africa.