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Alpha Kappa Alpha does a Historic Walk promoting excercize!

Alicia Keys Alpha Kappa Alpha

(Note: Alicia Keys is an Alpha Kappa Alpha Honorary member!!!!)
We all know that walking is good for us. Ofcourse
walking is better than sitting and standing or leaning because

it’s giving the body a workout. If you walk a mile you burn

calories. Walking to the store that’s down the street

or not very far is better on your health than driving. It saves

gas and burns calories.

June 28, 50 thousand members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority

will do the ESP 1908 Global Centennial Walk to show their

spirit about fitness. They are spreading the message about

emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

         President Barbara A. MCkinzie will be joined with

50 thousand members from 1,000 chapters along with

friends and family. Those involved are people from canada,

Germany, The virgin Islands and the Bahama. The walk

is organized by AKA’s International Program Committee

Loann Honesty King.

          The Sorority will do a walk of 1908 steps and that’s

about 2 miles. Participants will walk toward Washington DC

where Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Centennial convention

occurs, July 11-18.

          Then they will meet again at the Sorority’s biennial convention

Sunday July 13, in Washington.

At the walk will be Dr. Ian Smith a Black man whose a

medical and diet expert on VH1’s Celebrity fit club. He has

a show called HealthWatch on American urban radio

networks. He is as well the creator and founder of 50 Million pound


    So this walk aims to get you fit mentally and physically. It

balances emotional intelligence, optimal psychology, and spirituality.

When all of this is together, physical health, relationships, and life

satisfaction will show.

          Here’s some information on Alpha Kappa Alpha:

It is America’s 1st Greek letter organization For Black College

women. It is headquarters is in Chicago Illinois and its a leading

service organization. There are over 200,000 women in over 975

chapters in America, the Carribean, Canada, Germany, Korea,

Japan and also Africa.

So see, that’s what kinda stuff they are doing.

They are looking out for us. Some people don’t even

think about excercize or eating healthy but AKA’s are

promoting what we should think about.

Even if we are thinking about it this

will encourage us EVEN more.