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This Pennsylvania college creates a Ph.d for Africana Studies!

black history

How much Black History do you know?

How much are you willing to learn?

I love to find whatever supporting

Black achievements. I always seek

to find something many people have not

heard and even if one person has NOT

heard I’m still glad I wrote it.

Even if its familiar and just

something to talk about that’s all

good too.  Philadelphia

is even known for celebrating

black history EVERYDAY. Type that in your

search. So you can

see, Pennsylvania is Appreciative

of what our Black ancestors did. I’m now

ready to inform you

of the facts.

     The University of pennsylvania will began offering

a new Ph. D program for Africana Studies. This

is a decision based on the Center of Africana

Studies of the School of Arts and Sciences

starting in 2009-2010. So they will target

the most important in depth issues of

Africana Studies, spanning history, society,

and culture.

This program involves African, African American, and African

Diaspora studies. This doctoral program will get

students ready to live and work effectively and

knowledgably for social interdependence. This shows

the desires of citizenship status of African Americans

with civil rights and black power movements.

My say on this is that the more

Black History the better the world is. Black HIstory is

all day everyday all the time. All other companies,

schools, colleges, need to jump on the bandwagon.

THey can even compare their programs with each

other. Black HIstory is life, the more of it you

know the more life you give, the more meaning

to life. Doing things like this is just as powerful

as a movement. Thank you.



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