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Africa’s Biodiversity is being stolen..People taking the resources from Black Africans!


Africa’s Biodiversity is Stolen!People pay a lot of money through tax payments on

medicine, food and other products to enrich the Northern pharmaceuticals

and agricultural companies. These same companies go to Africa

and take Africa’s knowledge of local herbs, plants, livestock

germ, seeds, etc. These same devious people monopolize

on Africa’s knowledge and deny OuR Black African people

to their products. Shame!

Pharmaceuticals and agriculture companies sue each other

and other companies when they LEAVE AFrica. About 100 companies

can patent one plant and be accepted as legal. They take each other

to court in their OWN countries. It bewilders me how they accept this

as legal when its really ILLEGAL.

Africa loses BILLIONS of money just from Biodiversity. Africa’s

resources are open to theft. They are ALLOWING overdeveloped

nations to patent laws exploiting Africa.

This is how they getting the information. Black African herbalists and

Black individuals are interviewed in Africa’s communities. The Africans

reveal how plants and herbs are gathered from soil, mountains,

bushes, forests, gardens, farms. They also tell which time of

season and year the plants, herbs, and seeds are ready

and more. Data is entered by visitors and into computers

to be analyzed. 90% of Madagascar’s forests are

wrecked because of the the NOrth fighting to svae plants.

The country’s famous plants the Rosy Periwinkle

gains $100 million for the Eli LIly plant. Madagascur

gets nothing in return. It’s like water just evaporating.

But we want the water to flow and move. We don’t

want it to be like a dirty pond, fresh water is best.

But that’s how the situation is.

Tourism, western agriculture systems, religion,

wrong harvesting patterns and global piracy are ways

Africa’s biodiversity is being wiped out.

Canthium glabriflorumis hare are disappearing

from Africa because people are using them for

carving handcrafts and artworks for tourists’ souvenir.

The changing patterns of agriculture systems

have caused plants to disappear and have

cause gene engineeringof plants and patenting

these plants.

Plants in Africa have been destroyed because

of beliefs and religion as well. People even use

their own form of Christianity to destroy Africa’s

herbs, plants and seeds.

Biodiversity was a weapon against pests, AND

bugs could have the plant of their choice. The enviornment

being wrecked and biodiversity in Africa occurs

at a large speed because of genetic engineered pressure

from nations to put patents on all life.

This is why Africa is fed with food subsidies from the

USA and European agribusineses. They are killing the

traditional seed to take out the biodiversity on the continent.

Biodiversity being destroyed caused loss of seeds, plants,

microorganisms, anthropods, and other animals.

The Black Africans know about plants that cure anxiety,

pain, depression and other illness.

The Hoodia Cactus is a plant that tends to grow in

Kalahari’s desert. This plant has medicinal properties that

starves off hunger and lets the San hunters walk miles

and miles. This plant is plant p57 as an appetite suppressing

ingredient. OH, and the diet department was getting major

Money from it, I’m talking about MILLIONS of dollars.

The San people found out and sued

these people. Then the people paid 8% to help build schools

and clinics. Uvaria Klaineri is a plant of Africa that the

Pharmaceutical multinationals own STill and deny

affordable HIV and AIds drugs to Africa. I wish they

would spread more NEWs on the CURE for AIDS.

I did a post about this before!