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Africa’s money is being stolen by whites!

Ancient Egyptian Gold/Art

               African’s Stolen Wealth
These are some corrupt people stealing out of Africa once again!
Africa seriously needs more surveillance than ever.
Money of AFrica is held in Banks located in Britain.
The Africa All Party Parliamentary Group report
The Other side of the coin THe role of the UK in Corruption
of Africa was put out March 29th.
             The Africafocus Bulletin has 2 press releases
from Transparency International on recovery of
Africa’s stolen wealth. Over US $140 billion has been
corrupted from Africa by people like politicians, soldiers,
businesspeople and other leaders.
                These people stealing from OUR BLack Africa
people are getting fat rich off of Africa’s supplies.
They are like pigs in the mud just rolling around
in their lack of morals.
                That money could be circulating to help
those in Africa who need food, clothes, water, shelter
and other necessities.