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Inkster Memorial Day Parade was May 26, 2008! Inkster being a Majority Black City located in Michigan!


I remember seeing parades in

high school. My high school has the

motto WE are the vikings, the mighty mighty

vikings. My high school was a small

high school. I graduated high school

June 3, 2004 just so you know.

Enough about that, the Inkster

Memorial Day parade was today. THe majority

of the people there were my own Black people.

I was so happy and enthusiastic because

I saw so many of OUR BEAUTIFUL BLACK

people there. I saw black babies and I got

happy about that too.

It was so crowded, thousands of

people were there. I was in the parade

pulling the wagon with the kid in it.

That little boy was so happy he did not

have to walk so much because I got to

admit ,that was the LONGEST walk I’ve

ever had. I felt as though I walked

so much I burned off every calorie

I ever had for 3 years. That was

a long journey.

Police cars and squad cars

were coming through. THese horses

was around and people were riding,

mostly black men.

I saw some people from high school..

The kids from the Florence Street Block

Club was there. They are a group of Black

Kids who was on the psa I wrote for

Cleaning the Community. They stood in the

front. I was way at the back. It took some

hours for my spot to come in. I got so

tired of standing up that I had to sit


The kids and adults were tossing

candy in the streets for this special

day. Kids were grabbing up candy thrown

in the parade. It was definitely something

to journal about ofcourse especially because

I wrote it here.

We all thought it was going to rain

on the parade. It rained slightly before

but waited till way later to rain hard.

THe parade was sunny and bright

and I had a great time.

Source: ME, charismaallover


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