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The Prosecution Of George W. Bush For Murder !(A book)


I always knew there was something so terrible aboutPresident Bush. He’s phony. He’s fake. I can tell.

Now I do my research and see a book

called The Prosecution of George W. Bush

For Murder.

The summary of this book is that Bugliosi

presents a researched legal case that puts

Bush on trial for murder of 4,000 American

soldiers in the Iraq war. THere is legal

architecture and incontrovertible evidence

that Bush took American into war under

false pretenses. THis war has caused death

to American soldiers, 100,000 innocent

Iraqi men, women, and children, and cost

the United States more than 1 trillion dollars.

So I even heard from people i know

about how this war has cost America billions.

Where there are already places that have high

unemployment. THat’s like hitting the nail

all the way through the wall and making

a big hole from hitting so hard. He just made

it worse. So now everything is in chaos

as far as jobs. Everybody needs a job if they

don’t have one. Plus the way the world is

run know people getting like 2 or 3 or 4 jobs

or even working late to try to pay their bills.

I wonder what this book is going

to say. Question mark? But I’m glad I found

it so I can bring it to YOUR attention.