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Have you see that movie about Black romance? It’s called Baby Boy and it’s Cool!

Baby Boy



 I love Black movies where the Black man and Black woman

are the center of attention and the crowd around them is black.
So my favorite movie is Baby Boy. Now it’s an old movie,
but if you have not seen it I recommend seeing it. If you have
seen it, you know how happening it is. It’s a movie by
John Singleton. It starrs Tyrese and Taraji Henson and
they look super good together. I love the attraction
between him. Basically this movie is about Tyrese
playing the role of Jody, a man living in his mother’s
            He plays the role of a guy who wants to live
with his mother but has a girlfriend named Yvette.
They both bicker about how much he cheats
and they argue and fight. But we all know there is
no relationship that exist with NO arguments.
ANyways, I have the movie on dvd so I can
watch it any time or skip to my favorite scenes.
It is over all very good. It’s the best movie in
the world made and to be made.
           Buy Baby Boy here: