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African Instruments and how they are used!


  There are many instruments that
described as beautiful and bright.
               The Banjo as
many know originated in Africa. Lyrics can be
memorable and sometimes tunes
can be very very memorable like the
sound of the harp or guitar. Sometimes
the sound of an instrument is enough
to relax you. It does depend on what
instrument and music. But anyways,
here are the African instruments.
The UDU is a percussion
instrument whose name comes from the

African tribal language that means


Kpoko Kpoko are double ended

wood bells that come from the Ebo

Tribe in Nigeria. they make a

peculiar type of rattling sound.

How did a piano ever get

to be so small? The African thumb piano

is a musical symbol of Africa. They are

easy to play, made of hardwood, chamber

and spring steel note.

THe Rhythm Gourd is made of cowrie

shells that give it its percussive sound.

It is covered in African designs.

The Nutshell shakers are made

out of nutshells that remind me

of seashells.

NExt, Zulu cocoon rattles

are the rattles of the Zulu people

in Africa. There are 3 rows of cocoons

sewn onto the calfskin bands and are

worn around the ankles of calves

while dancing.

THe Instruments of OUR BLACK

African people are so extraordinary

in the best taste. It’s always interesting
what OUR BLACK people come up with.
THere’s plenty more instruments on the site

and sounds to go along with the pictures.