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African PRoverbs to remember!


What inspires quotes? Isn’t it life?
Doesn’t life provide the lessons for
Quotes,proverbs are interesting.
With so many quotes in the world,
there are some we agree with and
some we do not agree with/
These are some particularly great
quotes from OUR BLACK people.

A camel never sees its own hump

A fool and wter will go the way they
are diverted.

My comment to this African Proverb:

Yes indeed, trying to be a follower
gets people in trouble.

He who is carried on another’s back
does not appreciate how far off the town

My comment to this: Yes because
he’s not doing the walking. the Person
walking plus carrying him appreciates
it the most.

Knowledge is like the garden, if it is
not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.

My comment:

RIght, you must keep learning and
making sure your knowledge is UNLIMITEd.

No one tests the depth of a river with
both feet.

My comment: Right, like no one jumps
into the hot water with both feet.
You ease in. You don’t want the
shock of being too hot.

Not to know is bad. NOt to wish to know
is worse.

My comment: RIght, because if people
can get over on you they will try hard
and be sneaky. If you don’t want to know
then you could be missing out on
something great or not prepared
for what’s to come.